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Aluminum Foil for Capacitors

Thin Gauge Aluminum

Thin guage aluminum foilThese foils are rolled by Alcan Singen of Singen, Germany to very thin gauges ranging from .00016" (4.0 microns) to .00040" (10 microns) especially for electrostatic capacitors. The capacitor foils are rolled in alloy AA1200 (99.2% minimum aluminum). Though most of our capacitor foils are supplied fully annealed and dry, the annealing process leaves some minute amounts of residual rolling oil on the foil surface. Accordingly, we only use special rolling oils which are laboratory tested to be compatible with a wide range of capacitor impregnating fluids. These thin foils can be slit from 2 mm (3/32") to 635 mm (25 inch) widths by their sister company Alcan Kreuzlingen. For foil widths over 254 mm (10 inches) APK can Laser Treat or Laser Slit one edge of the foil. This laser treatment rounds the edge and removes all the burrs associated with knife slit foils and adds an oxide layer on the foil edge - all of which provides a significant advantage in today's high stress extended foil capacitor designs.

Metallized Films for Capacitors

Metalized film
                  for capacitorsUsing state of the art techniques and in-house custom designed and built metallizers and slitters, we supply the highest quality metallized films to the capacitor industry. All of our films are metallized and slit by Birkelbach Kondensatortechnik of Erndtebrueck, Germany, in an ISO 9002 certified facility. A full range of capacitor films can be made to your exacting requirements:

  • metallized and plain polyester, 1.0 - 75 microns thick
  • metallized and plain polypropylene, 3.5 - 25 microns thick
  • metallized and plain polycarbonate, 2.0 - 20 microns thick
  • metallized and plain papers 6.5 - 18 microns thick (in many densities)
  • metallized Teflon 4.75 - 13 microns thick

Metalized film
                  for capacitorsMost of our products are available in standard widths ranging from 4 mm to 300 mm (6 inch) with margins of 0.4 mm to 6.0 mm. For special requirements, we can supply widths and margins as narrow as 2 mm and 0.2 mm respectively and as great as 600 mm and 10 mm respectively. Our production range includes: blended, step and tapered heavy edge, series and multi-margin patterns, segmented electrodes, double metallization with metal and margins on both sides of the film, heavy and light resistivity electrodes. Many combinations thereof are also available.

As all products are made to order, we welcome your special requirements and our technical staff would be pleased to discuss your specific needs. Metalized film for capacitors

Capacitor Papers for Electrolytic and Electrostatic Capacitors

The papers produced by the MH Technologies are world renowned for their quality and consistency. There are wide ranges of papers available for many different types of capacitor requirements. Densities of the electrostatic capacitor papers range from the standard 1.0 density to high density 1.35 g/cc. The metallizing grade papers are available pre-dried (with a low moisture content) to enable metallization without any further processing of the papers. Low and medium density electrolytic papers are produced in various grades and base pulps. Other single papers can be produced to your specifications.

Tin, Lead and Alloy Foils for Capacitors

Tin foilOur tin and tin alloy foils for capacitor and electronic applications are manufactured by the world leader in one of their many production facilities. Each plant is designed to meet the stringent requirements of the electronics field and is ISO 9000 certified. Gauges run from .00020" (5.0 mm) through .002" (50 mm) though alloy may limit the minimum thickness. To meet the growing need for lead and antimony free products, our mill has developed both a lead free alloy and an antimony free alloy suitable for the electronics market. Our standard alloys include:

Standard Alloys

Alloy type



98% Sn / 2% Sb / <100 ppm Pb


81.0% Sn / 19.0 % Pb


78.0% Sn / 2.0% Sb / 20.0% Pb


61.5% Sn / 0.8% Sb / 37.7% Pb


50.0% Sn / 0.8% Sb / 49.2% Pb



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