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Arcotronics Winding and Assembly Machines

                      Winding Machine As the North American representative for Arcotronics Technologies Srl of Bologna, Italy, we are pleased to support their expertise in designing and building winding and assembly equipment for metallized film, film/foil and aluminum electrolytic capacitors. Through their superior quality and craftsmanship, they have earned a worldwide reputation for supplying the finest winding equipment available to the capacitor industry. Below is an abbreviated listing of some of the types of equipment Arcotronics currently has available for film and electrolytic capacitors:
  • Metallized Film winding machines for AC type polypropylene
  • Metallized Film winding machines for DC type film applications
  • Aluminum Electrolytic winding machines
  • Small box capacitor assembly lines with chip (stacked) film winding
  • Spray systems for large and small capacitor sections
  • Complete production lines for AC type polypropylene applications

Arcotronics Taping Machines for Leaded and Surface Mount Devices

Arcotronics Technologies S.r.L. has designed a complete range of medium and high speed taping machines for formed tape packaging and reel and ammo packing of leaded components. These machines are capable of not only feeding and taping the components but also testing, orienting, lead trimming and similar operations. All machines can be custom modified to meet your exact requirements. Winter-Wolff offers taping machines for any application, including:

  • Tape and Reel
  • Ammo Pack
  • LED
  • Box Capacitors
  • Quartz Components
  • Small/Miniature Electrolytics

Arcotronics Embossed Tape Forming Machines

The Embossed Tape Forming Machines built by Arcotronics are designed for high volume production with very reliable and accurate pocket production. The output of the finished tapes can go onto a reel or directly feed a customer's taping machine. Our current range of machines produce tapes from 8 to 44 mm wide. Design is currently underway for widths through 56 mm. Arcotronics can custom manufacture a wide variety of pocket designs to the strict tolerances needed for the packaging of surface mount components. As North American representative for Arcotronics' taping products, Winter-Wolff welcomes your inquiries regarding standard or custom machines.


2A Assembly and Processing Machines

Assembly and processing machines 2A S.r.l., part of Arcotronics Technologies S.r.L., is an automation specialist for assembly and processing of small to medium sized components. 2A has developed a strength in the film and electrolytic capacitor fields with a full range of machinery for manufacturing and testing of these products. Their automation expertise has led them to build machinery for the medical, audio, munitions and many other industries. Their capacitor machinery lines include but are not limited to:
  • Metal spray systems with or without automatic racking or masking
  • Cleaning, Clearing and Testing of sections prior to assembly
  • Metal and Plastic Can Capacitor Assembly machines with a specialty in dual concentrics
  • Medium to Large Box Assembly, Testing and Packaging
  • Aluminum Electrolytic Snap-in Assembly Line with optional Automated Aging and Final Test Machines

Most of the 2A machines built are custom designed or tailored to each individual manufacturers' requirements and built in a modular fashion. This enables manufacturers to purchase an entire line either all at once or piece by piece. As the local representative for 2A, Winter-Wolff welcomes your inquiries for standard or custom designed machines to meet your specific assembly or manufacturing requirements.

2A Sensor and Photocell Assembly Equipment

Using their vast experience with the assembly and handling of small components 2A has designed and built machines specifically for the assembly of sensors and photocells. These machines deliver the consistent quality, flexible production and low cost that only the best automation can provide.

All of these machines incorporate sophisticated test systems throughout the assembly process. This ensures all the parts produced on the production lines are of the highest and most consistent quality. We use mechanical, electrical and vision systems as part of our in-line quality systems.

While each machine is designed and tailored to each customerís unique requirements we have prepared catalogue sheets outlining the functions of a typical machine:

2A257 Sensor Assembly Line   (PDF Format)

2A261 Long Leaded Photocell Resin Filling, Curing and Testing Line   (PDF Format)

We would be pleased to review your specific assembly requirements in depth and together work to develop equipment suitable for your specific needs.

OSU Thermal Metal Spray Equipment for Capacitor Applications

OSU of Duisburg, Germany was the first company to commercialize metal arc spray equipment. Today they have used their expertise and technology to develop a special line of metal spray equipment for use in the capacitor industry. The CAP Series Thermal Spray lines were built after an extensive testing and development program with capacitor manufacturers. The systems incorporate the special needs of film capacitor producers. The OSU CAP systems provide capacitor manufacturers with uniform spray thickness, controllable particle sizes and most importantly the lowest possible melting voltages in order to prevent capacitor section damage due to excessive heat during the spraying process.

The OSU CAP Series Arc Spray Equipment can endspray a wide range of base metals and alloys onto the end of film capacitors. All the metals can be sprayed at relatively short spray distances. The shortened spray distances minimize metal waste and increase consistency of the endspray layer. The key to achieving these performances lies in the special design of the power supply and the spray gun nozzle. The OSU CAP Series power supplies are built exclusively for OSUís metal arc spraying process.

As part of OSU design philosophy the CAP Series systems are simple to run and highly reliable. All their systems have few consumable spare parts in order to keep running times maximized and operating costs minimized. Detailed data sheets for these units are available below.

OSU Capacitor Arc Spray System CAP 150 (PDF Format)

OSU Capacitor Arc Spray System CAP 300 (PDF Format)


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